Idilia Dubb

1851 The English family Dubb came to the Rhine, to Lahnstein.
Burg Lahneck was in contrast to many other restored Rhine castles still a ruin. The walls were falling apart, the wooden staircase in the tower rotten.

On a sunny summer morning the 17 years old Idilia Dubb broke up with her sketchbook, in order to draw Rhine-landscapes of the ruins Lahneck.
As Idilia not appeared for dinner, the parents made concerns and informed the police.

The whole environment was checked - without result.
Several days were spent with the search, but no one thought of ruins Lahneck. After many days the police finally had to give up. A broken family returned to England. Soon after these times, Lahneck went into the slow process of restoration. In 1862 they started with the reconstruction of the external walls and the construction of a new staircase inside the tower. Shock and horror overcame the workers when they discovered up on the platform of the tower, the skeleton of a young girl. They had found Idilia Dubb. They found a few pages of her diary, which described a terrible time to her end. Once she had reached the top of the wooden staircase, the ailing timber broke in collapses. A cruel suffering period began for Idilia, whose diary records today a look in the book "The Missing girl".

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